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N.E.W. Results/Dynamic Internet Marketing is now WebAura!

N.E.W. Results/Dynamic Internet Marketing is now WebAura!


We have BIG news! We have been privileged to collaborate with you the past 10+ years to help build and maintain your Internet presence, first as “N.E.W. Results, LLC”, and then as “Dynamic Internet Marketing, LLC”. As the Internet becomes more crucial to the success of businesses, we want to give you every advantage to succeed! Because of that:




We have merged with WebAura, LLC and now offer additional benefits for your company:

  • Additional staff for quicker turnaround times
  • More email and marketing tools
  • On-demand / in-person availability for our Northeastern Wisconsin clients
  • Much better server performance, including excellent up-time ratio, and improved security
  • Moving to online billing exclusively – Only accepting payment via credit/debit card and eCheck for your convenience (Paper checks by mail will NO LONGER be accepted for security and processing purposes).

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WebAura is now Partnered with CloudFlare

WebAura is now Partnered with CloudFlare

How CloudFlare increases speed and security of your site

CloudFlare makes it easy for any site to be as fast and secure as the Internet giants.


CloudFlare, a web performance and security company, is excited to announce our partnership with WebAura! If you haven’t heard about CloudFlare before, our value proposition is simple: we’ll make any website twice as fast and protect it from a broad range of web threats.


CloudFlare powers more than 400 billion monthly page views – more than Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter, Zynga, AOL, Apple, Bing, eBay, PayPal and Instagram combined – and over 1.2 billion monthly users regularly pass through our network.


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